Colin Stutt Consulting

  • Colin Stutt Consulting is a specialist public policy research, advisory and consulting firm which was established in 1994 as the vehicle for the consultancy services of Colin Stutt.


  • Colin Stutt Consulting focuses mainly on economic development and associated topics. The experience gained over the past decade includes
    • urban regeneration
    • evaluation of Structural Funds Programmes
    • technology transfer
    • small business and enterprise development
    • business incubation
    • development and assessment of Science Park proposals
    • development of sustainable funding mechanisms
    • development of the social economy
    • the creative industries
    • energy policy
    • cross-border and international development
    • European integration.


  • Colin Stutt Consultingís clients have included
    • Government Departments in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
    • The European Commission
    • Voluntary and community sector organisations
    • Private sector organisations
    • Organisations formed on the model of public/private partnerships, and
    • Other specialist consulting firms.


  • Colin Stutt Consulting has worked internationally in
    • the United States
    • Hungary
    • Poland
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania, and
    • Egypt.

  In association with . . .

  • Colin Stutt Consulting works closely with a number of associated companies and individual experts.
  • These include
    • GVA Grimleys, one of the leading UK and international property development, regeneration and planning consultancies
    • Peregrine Associates, which has provided focused advice on the implementation, development and evaluation of Business Incubation strategies to UK, EU, Egyptian, Phillipines, Turkish, Syrian Governments and to international development agencies
    • Econconsult Ltd., one of the leading firms assisting the new member states of the EU to integrate with wider EU and international trends and developments
    • CHL Consulting, which has provided strategic level advice in relation to tourism strategies and developments in 65 countries
    • Fitzpatrick Associates, the leading economic development consultancy in Dublin
    • Bearing Point Consulting (formerly KPMG Consulting), with offices in most international business centres
    • Paul Hogarth and Company, a specialist urban landscape planning and development consultancy with offices in Edinburgh and Belfast
    • Burns Owen Partnership, the leading specialist creative and cultural industries consultancy in the UK
    • Economic Innovation International Inc. of Boston Massachusetts, the leading US innovator in the development of sustainable funding mechanisms for community and social economy investment
    • Raymond Burke Consulting of Dublin, with whom I have worked closely on a range of transport, infrastructure and cross-border assignments, and
    • Simon Bridge, who has, quite literally, written the book on small business and enterprise development.


  • Many of these relationships have stretched back for more than a decade and provide an ability to field a team which combines national and international expertise with an understanding of the distinctive Northern Ireland market place

  Contact Us

  • Contact Colin Stutt Consulting at
  • 15 Bridge Road
    Helenís Bay
    County Down
    BT19 1TW
    Phone  +44 (0) 2891 853710
    Fax  +44 (0) 2891 853711

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