This page tells you about what I have done in the past.

Past behaviour is said to be the best guide to future performance. This must be why all consultants provide CVs and all clients ask for CVs.

A busy consultant has many CVs, tuned to give different emphasises to his or her experience. With 15 years consultancy experience I have undertaken nearly 400 consultancy assignments. Its impossible to list them all and I gave up trying to do so when my CV began to exceed 20 pages; so my CVs are now highly selective and focused on the most recent and relevant experience.

This page provides

  • a brief synopsis of my career
  • a short CV, and
  • an email link if you wish to enquire about a more detailed CV or a CV specific to a particular topic (such as Structural Funds Evaluation, Social Economy, Urban Regneration etc.)

Synopsis of My Career

Date of Birth:   7 March 1952

School:            Methodist College Belfast

University:      King’s College Cambridge
                       First Class Degree in Economics
                       (MA Cantab.)

Employment:    Department of Commerce and then                                       Department of Economic Development
                       1974 - 1988

Business:          Business and Economic Initiatives Ltd.
                       1988 - 1990

Employment:    KPMG Consulting
                       Partner in Charge of KPMG Consulting NI
                       Lead Partner on Economic Issues KPMG                                 Ireland
                       Lead Partner for KPMG EU Work in Objective                         1 Regions

Business:          Colin Stutt Consulting
                       1994 to date, and for the foreseeable future!


Cambridge awards BA degrees which after one year of life in the real world magically become MAs. My correct designation is, therefore, J. (for John) C. Stutt (MA Cantab.)

Responsibilities included company law reform, industrial development policy, energy policy, electricity and gas tariffs,  ending as Head of Policy Division, in charge of Departmental Policy, liaison with IDB and LEDU, economics, statistical and accounting services

A first business venture with Frank Dolaghan & Claire Faulkner

Led inter-disciplinary consultancy teams in Belfast, Dublin and Brussels and participated in several multi-country studies for KPMG where the European Commission was the client. Developed EU Structural Funds evaluation as a major market for KPMG in Ireland. Considerable work on cross-border and all-Ireland development

Short CV

Colin Stutt (MA, Cantab)

Personal Details

  Date of Birth: 7 March 1952

  Education: Methodist College, Belfast

  King’s College Cambridge

  First Class Degree in Economics 1974

Career Experience

  • 1974 – 1988  Northern Ireland Civil Service

        • Colin joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service on leaving University and held a variety of posts all relating to economic development policy. These included a significant periods dealing with the economic aspects of electricity and gas supplies for Northern Ireland and with industrial development incentives. Between 1985 and 1988 Colin was the Assistant Secretary in charge of the Policy Division of the Department of Economic Development, dealing with liaison with the Industrial Development Board and the Local Economic Development Unit, with the Department of Trade and Industry in London and responsible for the Departments economic, statistical and accountancy services.
  • 1988 -1991 Business & Economic Initiatives Ltd.

        • Initiatives’ was a small specialist economic development consultancy established by Colin and two colleagues. Initiatives worked on a wide range of issues but focused particularly on local economic development, contributing to policy and practice in relation to local enterprise agencies, urban regeneration and rural development.
  • 1991 – 1994  KPMG Consulting

        • In 1991 Colin was headhunted to become the Partner in charge of KPMG Consulting Northern Ireland, leading a multi-disciplinary team of consultants on a wide range of assignments. Colin was also the lead Partner on economic issues for KPMG Ireland and co-ordinated KPMG work in all Objective 1 Regions of the EU.
  • 1994 – Present Colin Stutt Consulting

        • In 1994 Colin formed Colin Stutt Consulting as a specialist public policy and economic development research, advisory and consultancy firm working at the strategic level in Northern Ireland, Ireland and internationally. Colin Stutt Consulting has a range of strategic alliances locally and internationally, working with KPMG, the Economists Advisory Group, Angle Technology, GVA Grimley, Mason Communications and a range of other specialist firms, as well as independently.

    Relevant Experience

  • Examples of relevant consultancy assignments undertaken by Colin include
    • Formation of Enterprise Northern Ireland, the trade association of Northern Ireland’s 32 local enterprise agencies
    • Formation of Ulster Community Investment Trust, the largest community development finance institution in the UK with assets of over £10 million available for lending to social economy organisations
    • Development of the concept of the Northern Ireland Science Park Foundation and of the initial plans for the Northern Ireland Science Park
    • Review of best practice in social economy support and development of a suite of social economy policies for Northern Ireland
    • External Evaluator to the Northern Ireland Single Programme 1994 – 1999, preparation for the Department of Finance and Personnel of the proposals for Structural Funds support to Northern Ireland 2000 – 2006, as endorsed at the Berlin Council
    • Technology and innovation reviews for DETI, the University of Ulster and the Industrial Modernisation Centre, Cairo
    • A range of economic appraisals for the Department of Social Development, Belfast City Council, Department of Finance and Personnel, DETI, LEDU and Invest Northern Ireland
    • Assessment of the performance of the senior Northern Ireland Civil Service under devolution for the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister
    • Development of a masterplan vision for the City of Belfast, for Belfast City Council
    • A strategic review of options for private sector development in the North West Cross Border Region, and
    • Development of a business incubation strategy for InvestNI
    • Review of the funding of festivals for Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure
    • Titanic Signature Tourism strategy for Belfast City Council and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

    Specific or Bespoke CVs

    As explained above, it is normal practice to tailor a CV to the particular circumstances of a particular assignment. If you would like me to send you a specific or bespoke CV please email me using this link and I will be happy to respond to you. Click on this link to email cs@colinstutt.com .

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