Services - or what I hope that I can do for you!

In this Section I try to tell you what I can do for you, by describing the main services which I provide.

Colin Stutt Consulting is a specialist public policy and economic development advisory, research and consultancy firm.

It was established in 1994 as the vehicle for my consultancy services after I ceased to be a Partner in KPMG Consulting.

By purpose and design, Colin Stutt Consulting is a one-person business. However, by working closely with a range of other specialist firms I can take on large, complex and sensitive assignments, as well as smaller projects.

I undertake a wide range of assignments for clients in the public, private and voluntary and community sector. They tend to focus on the following main areas

  • Economic development policy
  • The social economy and finance for the social economy
  • Urban regeneration, particuarly evaluation, economic aspects of regeneration and governance issues
  • Technology commercialisation and business incubation
  • Evaluation and Economic Appraisal.

However, this list is by no means exhaustive (it probably covers 3/4 of what I do) and other projects have involved acute hospital services, transport infrastructure, energy policy and a wide range of issues.

Further details of my business, the work I have undertaken, my clients, where I have worked and the associations which I have developed are provided on the Brochure page.

I do not seek to take on every assignment, but instead to focus on issues where I believe that I can make a contribution. If you are in doubt whether I would be able to take on a particular piece of work, please ask by using the following email link.

Email cs@colinstutt.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


A copy of my CV is available from the CV page

Details of the other firms I work with are provided in the Links page

Details of some of the projects which I have undertaken are provided in the Projects pages

Other means of contacting me are detailed in the Contact Us page

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